The Story Of The Little Aeronaut

The Story Of The Little Aeronaut

The Story Of The Little Aeronaut

Our little business was born from a need for more eco-friendly toys for our daughter and for being able to spend more time with her. I got Zoé her first wooden toy when she was about 6 months old and I instantly fell in love with the little set. There was no turning back from that point. My love for eco-conscious small businesses and handmade wooden toys has been growing from that day on. Having non-toxic toys made from natural materials has been a big priority.

We began setting up The Little Aeronaut by researching wooden, eco-friendly toys. We discovered there were many small businesses who created amazing products on a much smaller scale than mainstream toy manufacturers. These smaller businesses tended to be more aware of the impact they have on the planet and as a result were more eco-conscious. Sustainability and the future of our planet is a huge driver for our business, so that is why we only choose partners that share our beliefs.

Our next step was to find the small businesses that we wanted to collaborate with and sell their products through our own site. We are fascinated by uncovering the stories behind the toys we sell and getting to know the people behind these amazing small businesses. We approached a selection of companies, some of which we had purchased from previously and some we discovered during our quest for eco-conscious, individual, creative products.

A little bit about the origin of our logo and name: We moved to England in 2012 to start an exciting new life, in a beautiful country. Of course, we missed Hungary a lot but whenever we were homesick, we would hop on a plane and visit family and friends. That was until Covid hit and like everyone else around the world we were unable to travel freely. During this period, I found myself daydreaming of hopping in a hot air balloon and floating away to visit loved ones. It was this coupled with my love for hot air balloons that inspired our logo. Inspiration for the name came from a film favourite of mine, The Aeronauts, a film I have watched many times!

On our site, you will find handmade wooden toys, clothing, accessories, and nursery decorations, all to help your child grow and develop without the need for plastic or toxic items. Many of the toys we sell are also educational, and we have household items which can help you on your zero-waste journey.

The Hungarian businesses we work with are all family owned and run, just like us! These small businesses are working hard, hand crafting these amazing products to help them provide a better life for their families. Of course, being parents ourselves and being from Hungary, we want to be able to support people like this, especially given the current economic climate.

It’s important to us that we use as little packaging as possible, but we would also like to make sure that every product is well protected. The packaging that we do use is recyclable and friendly to the earth such as recycled cardboard boxes, paper, and biodegradable materials. Wherever we can avoid including plastic, we will!

Please take a look around our little family business, it has taken a lot of hard work to get to where we have, but our love for what we do keeps us going!

If you have any questions, or if you are a small business who wants to partner with us, then please contact us on