How to Care For Wooden Toys

How to Care For Wooden Toys

How to Care For Wooden Toys

One of the reasons why wooden toys are so wonderful is that if they are taken care of, they can last for generations. 

Wood has a natural antibacterial quality, so wooden toys will not be as effected by germs as plastic toys. 

How to clean wooden toys?

When cleaning your wooden toys, remember that wood is a porous material. Never soak or immerse a wooden toy in water. 

You can use a mild soap or white or apple cyder vinegar diluted with water. Make sure you use a small amount of soap, preferably natural one, that wouldn't dry the toy's surface. You also need to make sure that the soap you use is safe for your child, especially if your little one still puts toys in their mouth. If you choose to use vinegar, use one part of it with one part of water. Vinegar also acts as a soft disinfector. Use a cloth to wipe the toy, or a soft brush if its very dirty. If your toy is painted, be careful not to rub too vigorously when using a brush or cloth in the cleaning process, as it can cause damage to the paint.

Once you are done cleaning the toys, wipe them with a dry cloth or towel and let them air dry. Drying them in the sun speeds up the drying process and the sun is a natural way to kill more germs. However, strong sunlight or prolonged exposure can lead to colour fade and cracking, so always keep an eye on your drying toys. 

Once the toys are dry, depending on the type of wood, moisturising them every once in a while can be beneficial. Olive oil or bees wax can work well for this purpose. 

What happens if a wooden toy gets soaked?

A few days ago when it was raining heavily, we forgot to bring our AbakiToys helicopter in from the garden. By the time we noticed it, poor Hugo had already been soaked through and its propeller and wheels were stuck as the wood swell. 

So I brought it inside, wiped it with a dry towel and gave it a few days to dry out. Once it was completely dry, I treated it with some beeswax and Hugo was good as new.