Leaf Shape Wooden Sorting Tray

Type: Wooden Toy

This sorting tray is an excellent storage solution for all wood & wool balls, loose parts, coloured rings, pegs, acorns, rice and many other small loose parts of your playsets.

Children like to sort their toys in colours, shapes, and sizes. The tray will help them in their sorting and matching activities.

Sorting is a beginning math skill. By sorting, children understand that things are alike and different as well as that they can belong and be organized into certain groups. Getting practice with sorting at an early age is important for numerical concepts and grouping numbers and sets when they’re older. This type of thinking starts them on the path of applying logical thinking to objects, mathematical concepts, and everyday life in general. 

Tray measure: 50 x 25 cm! Yes, it’s big!

Made of beech wood. Product identification code: STLEA.

CE Certified. Manufactured in accordance with applicable toy safety legislation.



With proper care, Pagalou Educational Toys are a source of lifelong learning for generations of children in your family. Wood is an organic material, thus wooden toys can be affected by environmental changes. Be careful not to leave toys outside overnight, or for long periods of time. Heat, sun, and humidity can affect the appearance of wooden toys, which can cause them to crack or swell.


How to clean a wooden sorting tray?

We recommend cleaning toys with water mixed with apple cider vinegar. Vinegar has disinfectant properties. This solution will keep your wooden toys germ-free, providing safety for your child. Be sure to avoid bleach, detergents, or abrasive cleaners; these solutions will dry the wood and cause cracks over time.


Children must be supervised at all times when playing with these items. Adults must regularly check the contents of the playset for damage and assess which items are suitable for their child depending on their age and ability. It is the sole responsibility of the parent/caregiver to provide age-appropriate and ability suitable objects for their child and to ensure the objects are cleaned and replaced when necessary.

Do not immerse in water. Avoid fire. Keep the packaging out of the reach of children.