Wooden Tweezers - 22 cm

Type: Wooden Tools

Wooden tweezers for fine motor skills development. Wooden tweezers help your child to develop fine motor skills. Wood scissors and tweezers help your child to develop fine motor skills, such as agility and hand coordination. Use these tools to pick up balls and place them into the bowls or the holes of our number counting and sensory toys. It is a perfect addition to any sensory bin play.

Handmade of beech wood. Natural, not sealed.

Product identification code: WSC

Measures:  22 cm



Children must be supervised at all times when playing with these items. Adults must regularly check the contents of the playset for damage and assess which items are suitable for their child depending on their age and ability. It is the sole responsibility of the parent/caregiver to provide age-appropriate and ability suitable objects for their child and to ensure the objects are cleaned and replaced when necessary.

Do not immerse in water. Avoid fire. Keep the packaging out of the reach of children.